Breaking Ground

This summer has presented many unexpected challenges and many opportunities to roll with it as farmers must, while we get Spring Forth Farm off the ground (or into it). After the record June rainfall, the ground finally dried out enough for the equipment to be able to get in to pull stumps, the day before we left on a 2 1/2 week vacation months in the making. Once the stumps were carried off, we started breaking sod with a tiller we rented… until it developed a fuel problem and conked out on us.  We will be ready to tackle the tiller again after a much-needed getaway, and we are excited about bringing you beautiful cut flowers and fresh veggies as soon as we’re able.

Here is how the land looked earlier in the clearing process:

To prepare for clearing, we had to mow:

Finally, the stumps were knocked over…

…And carried away, leaving the land clear:

We were able to do a first pass with the tiller before it conked out:

And we’re ready and excited to get back to work as soon as we get back!

Planting Our 1st Wedding Flowers

We are excited to announce we will be providing flowers for our first wedding as Spring Forth Farm! (The first wedding we ever grew flowers for was actually our own.) In order to have flowers our first year, Megan brought back several trays of starts from her summer learning at Harvest Moon Flower Farm.

We were sort of in a pickle because the wet summer has delayed us clearing and tilling land, and our starts needed to get out of their trays and into the ground. Our friends and neighbors Liz and Paul generously offered us some beds in their garden this fall for our sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, black-eyed Susans, and tuberoses.

On a cool day with a good chance of rain, we took the trays of starts over to Liz and Paul’s house. As Mr. Bingley watched and their chickens clucked in the background, we all worked together to get these tender starts in the ground and watered.

Thank you Liz and Paul for your help and kindness. If you are interested in Spring Forth Farm flowers for your wedding or special event, please contact us.