Breaking Ground

This summer has presented many unexpected challenges and many opportunities to roll with it as farmers must, while we get Spring Forth Farm off the ground (or into it). After the record June rainfall, the ground finally dried out enough for the equipment to be able to get in to pull stumps, the day before we left on a 2 1/2 week vacation months in the making. Once the stumps were carried off, we started breaking sod with a tiller we rented… until it developed a fuel problem and conked out on us.  We will be ready to tackle the tiller again after a much-needed getaway, and we are excited about bringing you beautiful cut flowers and fresh veggies as soon as we’re able.

Here is how the land looked earlier in the clearing process:

To prepare for clearing, we had to mow:

Finally, the stumps were knocked over…

…And carried away, leaving the land clear:

We were able to do a first pass with the tiller before it conked out:

And we’re ready and excited to get back to work as soon as we get back!


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