SFF Fall 2013 Update

Spring Forth Farm is slowly taking shape. Since we got back from vacation, we’ve made a lot of progress getting the land ready for growing. We finished building beds, we put up three-strand deer fencing (more on that in a future post), and the flowers for our first wedding are growing splendidly. Sowing fall-planted flowers and cover crops are our next big projects.

We did plant some fall vegetables, but the reality is that we counted our chickens before they hatched, or perhaps our collards before they were bunched. Like many North Carolina farmers, summer rains set us back 5-6 weeks and we’re having to rethink our plan for this fall. We’re sorry we won’t be selling any vegetable boxes this fall as we had planned.

Like all farmers must do, we are adjusting our plans and moving forward. We will be applying to local farmers markets for 2014. Stay tuned to our blog for farm updates, including where we will be selling next year. Thank you for your encouraging words through this rocky start and we can’t wait to see you at market.

The farm, with deer fence and beds.
The farm, with deer fence and beds.
Zinnia, "Queen Anne Red."
Zinnia, “Queen Anne Red.”

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