Building Our 1st Home

Finally we’re ready to move onto our land! We spent the last three months completely renovating a 1969 Frolic pull-behind camper. It is just under 80 square feet of home, and we’ll be living in it for the next couple years while we build our house. We spent last weekend “camping out” on the land taking care of some prep work before we move out there forever next week. It was a wonderful and exciting experience to see the sun set, worry about the wind blowing too strongly, and laugh at Mr. Bingley lounging in the sun. The Frolic was our first building project together, and we transformed it completely. Here is a brief chronicle of what we did and of our new home. Enjoy the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Amazing work you all!!! I’m so impressed with your ability to learn new things and work so compatibly together.

  2. My two children and I lived for a couple of school years in a camper that looked like the size of The Frolic so they could “legally” go to school on Hilton Head. It was a challenge but we did just fine. What is life without some challenges? Boring!
    Good luck and I like your keeping us Advocates up to date with you.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments. Wadleigh, that sounds like a great story. We never cease to be surprised by the adventures the people of the Advocate have had!

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