A Photo Essay

Time is getting away from me.  Here is a short photo essay of happenings on Spring Forth Farm over the past few weeks!  Stay tuned to find out where you can get your next Spring Forth Farm bouquet.

Frolic Life: living without electricity has proven to be easier than we thought and quite relaxing.

Bath Time
Night time reading and writing-Photo by Tom Fisher

Market Bouquets and Wholesale Accounts: as we continue to figure out how we will market this summer, we are blessed to be able to set up a small flower stand at the school I teach at, Orchard Hill Children’s School.

Market Stand Bouquets
Last Fridays in Hillsborough Stand

Maggie at Pine State Flowers in Durham, NC is buying our flowers for her new shop.

Wholesale poppies and bachelors buttons-Photo by Tom Fisher
Jonathan harvesting for wholesale-Photo by Tom Fisher
View from the far side of the farm-Photo by Tom Fisher
Megan seeding wildflower mixes and cover crops into our fields

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