Flowers for Mother Mary

The Episcopal Church of the Advocate in Chapel Hill, NC is hosting a very unique and special event Friday and Saturday June 20th and 21st called “Mother Mary & Divine Feminine at Solstice.”  This event is a collaboration between artist Susan Wells and Lisa Fischbeck, Vicar of the Church of the Advocate.  Many other artists will be featured in the event as well.  Please go to Susan Well’s website for more information and the event schedule at

My Mother, Sheryl Cornett, is one of the artists featured and she asked me to make a flower arrangement for her table at the event.  I was delighted to spend an afternoon in my art form, arranging flowers for Mother Mary.  Below are photos of the process and the final arrangement as well as the ingredients in the arrangement.  Some of the different flowers and fillers stood for different aspects of Mary for me and I have included those below too.  Enjoy, I did!  All photos by Megan Cornett Leiss.









All flowers and foliage from Spring Forth Farm‘s fields and forests

persimmon leaves, red maple leaves, honeysuckle, wild grape, wild cherry branches, dill, bupluerum, hydrangea, sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, queen anne’s lace, black-eyed susans, parsley flower

Dill and queen anne’s lace-the umbrel shape for Mother Mary’s comforting and covering persona

Red/burgundy snapdragons and zinnias-for the blood that Mother Mary and all women shed in child birth

Pink snapdragons and zinnias– for the feminine divine

Wild cherry branch– for the seed of faith that Mother Mary spreads in many women

Sunflowers– for the rising of the sun on Easter Day

Wild grape/wild honeysuckle vine- for the wildness of Mother Nature


    1. Thanks Linda, you were instrumental in helping this happen! Wouldn’t be here with Harvest Moon Flower Farm.

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