As The Season Ends….

Farmers on a date!
Farmers on a date!

Well folks, we are coming to the close of our first season in business as Spring Forth Farm.  What a fabulous first season it was with more weddings than we had counted for, some nice publicity, regular florist and business accounts and more.  We will be reflecting more on all things farm related later this winter once the farm is put away for the winter.  I am making our last flower deliveries to our florists Victoria Park Florist in Chapel Hill and Pine State Flowers in Durham.  We also delivered our last bouquets to Radius Pizzeria for the season.  Thanks so much to our wonderful clients and customers.  Jonathan is back at the farm today seeding fescue and clover seed in our fields so the rain can help it to germinate.  We are cleaning out beds, planting cover crops, and seeding flowers that grow through the winter.  We look forward to some downtime as it gets colder, to reflect on the farm and plan for another great season next year….and of course more time to push forward on our home building!

Installing roof decking on the south side
Installing roof decking on the south side
Roofers installing the roof decking
Roofers installing the roof decking

The house building is keeping us busy right now of course.  At the beginning of September I went back to teaching and Jonathan returned to the fire department after his month-long vacation in August when we were framing the house.  The time to work on things has been scarcer and we are adjusting to a new rhythm.  We did a very smart thing and hired experienced roofers to install our roof decking and roofing paper and the relief at seeing the roof go on was palpable.  We are now focusing this next week on installing rigid insulation and house-wrap on the exterior of the house.  It will feel great to get the house dried in and to focus on building the porch, interior walls, stairs, and installing windows and doors.

This year has held so much Jonathan and I and Spring Forth Farm.  I can only imagine what next year will bring!


  1. What an amazing year for you two! Only a couple with great vision, passion, commitment, and love could do what you all have done in this first year. Semper Florens!

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