October Building…..

October has been a very busy month working on our farm house!  We installed 1/2 inch rigid insulation all around the exterior and we started the housewrap.  Jonathan and I are spending a lot of time making sure our house is well sealed and can work efficiently.  We also built our 30ftx12ft porch!  Can someone say party porch?

We also trenched in the water line and electrical wire for our well to our house, a nice long distance of 250ft!  That was exhausting.  While we were at it, we installed 2 frost-free hydrants for farm irrigation.

Stay tuned for the November update…..it might include doors, windows, stairs, a well house and more!!!!!DSC_0006




  1. Thanks Anna and Jim for the nice comments. We feel really happy with what we have gotten done as well!

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