The Blue House on Terry Rd

“We are the only blue house on the street!”  This is our new way of telling folks how to find our farm in Hurdle Mills.  Over a year ago Jonathan and I walked down the road during a snowstorm and met Jamey Tippens and Nettie Lassiter.  A friend of ours had told us that we should know them because we have so much in common.  They built their own house in downtown Hillsborough, have a beautiful garden and play music.  When we first saw their house, we gasped in delight and surprise!  They had gorgeous green metal for the siding on their house.  How smart we thought!  Quick installation, maintenance free and beautiful.  We hadn’t even received our house plans yet, but right then and there we decided to do the metal siding on our house too.  Jamey and Nettie have become some of our dearest friends and every time we go in their house we are always inspired by something new that we notice in how they built and finished the house.  Over the past year they have been incredible mentors to us answering questions and teaching us new skills.

The finished exterior!
The finished exterior!

In January, Jonathan and I decided to try and put up the siding on our house the first week of April, which was my spring break from school.  Jamey agreed to spend a weekend teaching us how to put it up, and we also hired my cousin Tara Nathan to spend the week with us helping with the siding, and boy I don’t know what we would have done without her incredible arm reach and help and support!  The siding on the house is the only part of the house so far that has been under budget and has taken less time than anticipated!  With Jamey’s help on the weekend and with Tara here for the week, we got the siding up in 5 days!!!!!!  It then took us another month to finish the trim work and get the gutters on.  The exterior is done!  Hooray!  We have taken the month of May off from working on the house because we are trying to keep our head above water with farm work, flower sales, weddings and those other jobs we have like teaching and firefighting.  We are both looking forward to a change in pace when school gets out for the summer.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the siding project!  Stay tuned as we take you on a tour of our flower garden in our next blog post.

Sweet Pea trellis in front of our farmhouse
View from the back of the farm
View from the back of the farm

We are so grateful to Jamey and Nettie and to Tara for helping us get to this amazing point in our house project.  We really couldn’t have done it without you all.

Relaxing with Tara by the campfire
Relaxing with Tara by the campfire


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