Friday Feature from DiPrima Photography

This season has just been a blur. All flower farmers lament how hard it is to keep their websites and blogs up to date during the flower season, which for us is May through October. The constant rhythm of cutting, sowing, and weeding overwhelms other aspect of the business to the extent that by autumn we anticipate frost with guilty excitement. We always resolve not to let our website stagnate till winter, but we haven’t yet found a way to keep up. Add on top of that our life in the camper while we build our house and no Internet access at home, and it often feels like one ball too many to juggle.

Now, however, it has been raining for almost two weeks straight, with as much as six more inches expected this weekend. Our fields are too wet to work, and we are waiting on the HVAC subcontractors to finish in our house. So it’s perfect weather to sit with a steaming mug of coffee and give some attention to the blog.

First, we are excited to share this “Friday Feature” that Jenna DiPrima of DiPrima Photography posted today. The Friday Feature highlights female creative small business owners, and this week’s post features Megan.

Friday Profile

We met Jenna a few months ago when she collaborated with Megan and several other women on a styled shoot organized by Randi Russell of Carry Your Heart Events. We’ll be posting photos from the styled shoot here once they become available. We’re also working on a post sharing our exciting progress on our home and our farm, which we’ll be posting soon.

In the mean time, thank you again to Jenna DiPrima and DiPrima Photography for profiling Megan in the Friday Feature. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. This article, and the gorgeous pics, are soo soo awesome guys!!!! Way, Way to go! You sounds like a seasoned pro Megan- I’m so proud of you and your still-to-be-met husband. I can’t wait to come visit you sometime soon!
    L, LXXOO

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