Since we started the farm, it has been important to us that Spring Forth Farm be a socially responsible business. That is why we donate produce from our vegetable garden and tithe from our sales to a local food pantry: We have the gift from God of this farm and the skills to grow food, and we want to share God’s bounty with others.

Similarly, we have the great gift of sunshine, and we designed our house with both passive solar heating and photo-voltaic solar panels in mind. Today, Yes Solar Solutions finished installing our 32-panel, 8.48kW system. We anticipate this system generating all of our home electrical use plus a good portion of the farm’s. While combating pollution and global climate change requires national policy and international cooperation, there is a lot each of us can do for sustainability as well. Installing these solar panels and striving for net-zero electrical usage is one of the ways we are doing our part.

Day 1 & 2: Mounting hardware
Day 2: Inverter (It fits right in between our breaker panels and our on-demand water heater)
Day 4: Panels arrive
Day 4: North-side panels
Day 4: Most of south-side panels
Day 5: Installation complete!
Day 5: System generating power (6.26kW) during testing

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