General Wedding FAQs

Spring Forth Farm provides a range of services for weddings, from bouquets and boutonnieres to bulk flowers for a DIY experience.  If you are interested in arranging your own wedding flowers, please also read our DIY Wedding FAQs page. Don’t see your question? Please contact us.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Is Spring Forth Farm the right fit for my wedding flowers?

We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest possible flowers. We are a good fit for brides with a broad color palette. Our happiest clients are flexible about their flower colors and appreciate that our flowers are vibrant and seasonal and come straight off the farm.

How does a wedding work with Spring Forth Farm?

Our wedding services include DIY buckets, bridal bouquets and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, and arrangements in mason jars. If you want to do some but not all of your own arranging, we can mix-and-match any of the above with DIY buckets.

Wildflower bouquets – photo courtesy of Rob + Kristen Wedding Photography

How do I store my flowers? How long will they last?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to keep your flowers in the fridge. Just keep them out of the sun and wind and away from pets. An air-conditioned room is best, but a sheltered area on the porch is OK, too. Whether in buckets or arranged in vases, as long as the flowers have water they will last several days.

Do you deliver?

You can pick up your flowers at the farm or, for a fee, we will deliver within Durham, Orange, and Person Counties as well as to Mebane and Burlington. If you need delivery outside of this area, please contact us to see if we can come up with a creative solution to meet your needs.

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Bridal bouquet – photo courtesy of Jenna DiPrima Photography

When should I get my flowers?

You can get your flowers 1-2 days before the event. If you are arranging yourself, make sure you’ve set aside time to do that. You can also get your flowers Saturday morning from the farm or we can deliver them to your wedding venue for a fee.

Will the flowers fit in my car?

It depends on the size of your order, but station wagon, SUV, or van is the best way to transport flowers. Three buckets of flowers may fill up the back seat of your car. When you’re driving, make sure you protect your flowers from the wind. AC helps. Never transport flowers in the open back of a pickup truck or in a car with the windows down.


How do I book my weekend?

Our weekends can book up. To reserve your flowers, we require payment in advance for 50% of your total bill. This payment is non-refundable. Please contact us to reserve your wedding flowers.

Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet