Seasonal Flower Alliance (06/07/2014)


As spring turns to summer the cool flowers slow down and the heat-loving flowers take their place, but the shift starts subtly. The poppies burn in the heat but the bachelor’s buttons look like they’ll never stop. The larkspur blooms in a flash, and the sunflowers and zinnias show promising buds.DSC_0021This post is part of an occasional series inspired by Erin Benzakein of Floret, who posts her own Seasonal Flower Alliance photos and invites others a respond with photos of their own seasonal bouquets.

DSC_0032This bouquet is made with larkspur, matricaria, bachelor’s buttons, calendula, nasturtium leaves, and calla lilies. They are such a treat to work with. I love how they slide down among everything else, barely peaking out but stunning in their beauty. These ones are called Captain Rosette.

Seasonal Flower Alliance (05/13/2014)

A few weeks ago, Erin Benzakein of Floret invited participation in the The Seasonal Flower Alliance, a public project to arrange and photograph local, seasonal flowers. Here at Spring Forth Farm that’s what we love, so we’re excited to be a part of this. Periodically, we’ll post bouquets filled with our local, seasonal flowers, list their ingredients, and help capture time passing through the seasonality of what is in bloom.

Bouquet with Icelandic poppies, calendula, agrostemma, bupleurum, and wild peppergrass.
Bouquet with Icelandic poppies, calendula, agrostemma, bupleurum, and wild peppergrass.

Bachelors’ buttons are also in bloom, and these small spring flowers make very nice simple bouquets.

Here in North Carolina, we are starting to get days in the 90s. We don’t know how much longer some of these flowers will bloom — the poppies, in particular, are sensitive to hot weather — but the next round of flowers are budding up and ready to burst. As the flowers change with the seasons, we will continue post photos of what is in bloom.

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