Past Clients Say…

We are booked for 2018 and are not accepting any more weddings at this time. Thank you for your interest.

  • “We loved the flowers from Spring Forth Farms! I wanted local wildflowers for my wedding and these were perfect. Megan and Jonathan were so helpful and easy to work with and the flowers were just gorgeous. I loved knowing that my flowers had been grown just down the road from where our wedding was and I loved the natural but elegant look.   They provided flower buckets for us to make our own arrangements and that worked out really well. We were able to use the same flowers for both rehearsal dinner and wedding and mix and match them to give each night a different look.” – Carynne
  • “Thank you, Spring Forth Farm, from the bottom of our hearts!! Our DIY  flowers TRULY made our wedding photos and provided so much natural beauty to our outdoor, Fall wedding. And of course, thank you for being so easy to work with, so helpful, and so excited to share in our day! “- Meredith & Chris
Photo Courtesy of Kasey Poly Photography
  • “Our flowers were even more than what I envisioned. They also held up not only in the hot June temps but also lasted several days after at home.” — Clarissa
  • “Your flowers were so beautiful, healthy, and vibrant. We received so many compliments on them. You were great at communication and your customer service was excellent. My brother is already planning on using Spring Forth Farm for his wedding.” — Hannah
  • “We loved being able to get the look we wanted at a price we could afford and being able to support a local business at the same time.” — Aspen and Jack
  • “We were so pleased with our flowers! They were simple, wild, and beautiful — just what we wanted. The DIY buckets allowed us to buy in bulk at an affordable price. Your flowers were our primary decoration.” — Caitlyn and Kenneth
  • “There were so many flowers per bucket, and they were perfect.” — Donna
  •  “I can’t tell you how crazy I was (and everyone else too, for that matter) about our wedding flowers. They were truly just beyond anything I could have envisioned. They were one of my favorite parts of the day and I really couldn’t get over them. They made me so happy. Thank you both for your beautiful work, kindness, professionalism, and for being so helpful and genuine.” —Hayley and Jay
  • “I was absolutely pleased! The colors were vibrant. The flowers were fresh and held up beautifully even in very hot weather. You were delightful to work with.” — Sharon
Image courtesy of Kasey Poly Photography