Meet the Farmers

Jonathan and Megan Leiss met in a garden, and have been growing food and flowers together ever since, including growing all of the flowers for their wedding in 2012. Spring Forth Farm is located in Hurdle Mills, NC, where Megan and Jonathan live with their daughters and their pit bull, Cici.

Megan and Flowers

Megan grew up in Hillsborough, NC. She attended Warren Wilson College, where she studied sustainable agriculture and education. Warren Wilson is one of six work colleges in the nation, and Megan worked all four years on the college’s farm. She has worked on several farms in the Hillsborough area.


Jonathan grew up outside of Hillsborough, NC. After moving to Vermont for college, living in Oregon, then traveling for two years on the circus train with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, he moved back to North Carolina. He has worked on farms in Loudon County, VA and Hillsborough, NC. Jonathan is also a firefighter/EMT for a local city fire department.

Cici is the head of product tasting, licking children’s faces, and rodent security at Spring Forth Farm. She encourages us to work less and walk more and voices her opinions loudly. Cici is pleased to announce that gravity and sunshine were both in regular working order today, but because they might not be tomorrow, she’s planning on testing them out in the grass. She’ll report back with her findings after her nap.