Meet the Farmers


Jonathan and Megan Leiss met in a garden, and have been growing food and flowers together ever since, including growing all of the flowers for their wedding. Spring Forth Farm is located in Hurdle Mills, NC, where Megan and Jonathan live, along with their pit bull, Mr. Bingley. They are currently building their own house, which they hope to have finished in late 2016.


Photo courtesy of Chasing Skies Photography

Megan grew up in Hillsborough. She attended Warren Wilson College, where she studied sustainable agriculture and education. Warren Wilson is one of six work colleges in the nation, and Megan worked all four years on the college’s farm. She has worked on several farms in the Hillsborough area, including Maple Spring Garden in Cedar Grove. Megan was also the farm manager at Anathoth Community Garden in Cedar Grove, where she taught teens how to farm by hand, and she farmed alongside adults with special needs at a Camp Hill Community Farm in Minnesota.


Photo courtesy of Chasing Skies Photography

Jonathan grew up outside of Hillsborough. After moving to Vermont for college, then Oregon, then finding a job that paid him to travel, he moved back to North Carolina. He has worked at Wheatland Vegetable Farm in Purcellville, VA, and Tiny Farm in Hillsborough. Jonathan is also a firefighter/EMT with the City of Durham Fire Department.

Mr. Bingley grew up in Durham, where he lived until he rescued Megan and Jonathan and moved out to the country. He devotes most of his time to keeping his farmers healthy, walking them daily. His farm duties are mostly supervisory.