Our Values

Growing Naturally, from the Roots to the Fruits:

We are dedicated to using sustainable practices to ensure healthy and happy soils to grow our flowers. We draw on a variety of practices from the organic and permaculture movements, including: growing without the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides; using compost, mulch, and “green manure” to improve the soil; planting cover crops, which improves biodiversity and attracts beneficial insects; rotating crops to reduce pests; and using only minimal tilling. In this way, we grow the best flowers we can, from the ground up.

Participating in the Life of the Community:

Just as all of the plants and animals on our farm are connected through their shared ecosystem, we recognize that our farm is connected to the community. Spring Forth Farm could not exist without our customers, friends, family, and supporters. We feel it is important for us to give back to the community as well. We know that the ways we do this will evolve and change as we grow and become established. As we start out, we commit to donating a percentage of our gross sales to a local food pantry, along with regular donations of produce. We feel this is a natural way for us to give back, since we are in the farming business and part of to a our own motivation for farming is to have access to good food ourselves.


Living a Simple Life:

Growing our own food is an important part of the life we choose to lead. We want to live simply, take care of our bodies and minds, and meet as many of our own needs as we can. We know that good food and an active lifestyle are essential to our well-being. Our long-term goal for Spring Forth Farm is to grow into a homestead that not only provides food to the community, but also meets nearly all of our own food and energy needs, although we know we will need several years on our own land before we can achieve this. In this way we will be able to care for ourselves inexpensively and leave a smaller footprint, reducing our need for and concerns about money. We buy used when we can, only the amount of any item we need, and actively try to meet our needs and the needs of others through community and relationships. By living simply, we are better able to sustain ourselves, promote community, and care for God’s creation.